New CD of Karel Hasler Songs

11-12 2006 Kultura English
obálka čísla

This is the second C.D. of his songs from the years 1926-1938, called AZ JA PUJDU DO NEBE ( When I Go to Heaven). This particular song was copied from an English recording(Columbia) published in 1928 and the orchestra was Jazz Band London. The C.D. contains 22 songs, for example: Pani muzikanti, Bily kvitecek, To je ta Praha, Smutny Gigolo, O Dona Klara, etc. It is also interesting because it presents Hasler as an interpreter of songs of other composers, e.g. those of Jarka Mottl, R.A. Dvorsky, J. Jankovec, etc.

The photograph also shows his friend Hilda Hojerova-Cihakova (age 97). When Hasler was imprisoned by the Nazis, Mrs. Hilda visited him and brought him gifts. Hasler was killed by the Gestapo in the concentration camp Mauthausen and Hilda was later imprisoned by the communists. Several of Hasler's admirers, led by the musician Ivo Zelenka ( from the Slapeto group),are starting a collection to build a statue of Karel Hasler in his beloved Prague. For more information please turn to

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