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Dear Sir

Welcome to Prague. Our Nongovernmental organization is defending rights of exiled Czechs since 1991. We have 450 sponsors; most of them Czech Americans. 34 Czech clubs all over the world are our members. Lately there is an increased pressure by the Czech government and by the European Union for abolishment of the visa requirement for travel to the United States. This certainly would bring lots of good.

We would like to see the visa abolished as soon as the Czech government removes the discrimination of Czech Americans. Czech legislature disqualified Czechs who acquired citizenship of the United States from any possibility to have their property, illegally confiscated, restituted. Not just that. To these US citizens even the benefit for years in communist prisons has been denied, also to Czechs, who fought in Allied Forces in WWII and to those who have been dragged to the Soviet Union.

Such a mutual step would not only contribute to better and cordial relations of the two countries but would also abolish the discrimination, strictly forbidden by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

We hope that you may like this idea and that you will keep it in your mind while working on the US - Czech relations.

Yours truly

Czech Coordinating Office, 1103-100 Antibes Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada M2R 3N1. Jan Sammer, Secretary.

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