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Czech should not have to apply for visa to the US

Americans who visit the Czech and Slovak Republics do not need visas. Gone are the days when the Communist Embassy officials threatened by their hostile questionnaires the terrified relatives who wanted to visit their dying aunt. It is enough to show the American passport at the Ruzyn2 airport and in you are.

For the Czechs and Slovaks, on the other hand, it is a different story. They have to apply for a visa, wait often for hours in a line in front of the US Embassy, and wait to see if they get invited for an interview. They have to deposit a hefty sum and even then they are not sure to get the visa. In either case the deposit is forfeited.

Czech and Slovaks are allies of the USA. They are members of NATO. Upon US request, they have sent soldiers to former Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Their alliance should be recognized in more ways then one; visa free status for their citizens will constitute such a recognition.

If you agree with us, please write to your congressmen and ask for the visa free status for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

(From Náš svět - Newsletter of The Komenský Club - University of Nebraska - Lincoln.)

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