Unconventional Žižkov Autmn Festival of 2006

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This is already the 10th International Music Festival of Zizkov, organized by the concert cellist Jiri Hosek under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and supported by the city of Prague.

It opened on September 14 with a press conference in the chapel of the Bratrska Jednota.

Why is the Festival called "unconventional?" This year it will present all kinds of music and other art forms, including classical and jazz, but also a theater production, a circus show and possibly also some spirituals. In addition, the individual performances will take place at various unusual locations - at the College of Economics, at the Zizkov television tower, at the National Zizkov Memorial ( an organ concert at the occasion of the State Holiday on October 28), at the Hotel Ariston, etc. Many of the concerts will present jazz compositions of Jaroslav Jezek whose 100th birthday anniversary is remembered this year.

The Festival is also unusual in that it will use church halls of various denominationsthus reaching people of different faiths- e.g. St. Ludmila Curch, the Meeting Hall at the Jewish cemetery, St. Prokop´s Church, the Baptist Chapel, etc. Mr. Hosek believes that music unites people and so does the Baptist minister Milos Solc.

And in conclusion - VIRTUOSI DI TUBA!

This is a group of four very young musicians who had formed- while studying at the HAMU (Music conservatory) - a special musical body consisting of four tubas (occasionally adding a percussionist). This unusual group became very popular right from the beginning of the festival. They play a great variety of composers - including Bach, Mozart, Lully, Bizet, but also Joplin, Chuck Rio or Stevie Wonder.

The Festival consists of 20 concerts and will close on November 16, 2006

Martina Fialková Traslanted by Marie Dolansky

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