City K. - Franz Kafka and Prague

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The exhibit called FRANZ KAFKA AND PRAGUE, organized by the Society COPA (that also administers the Mucha Museum in Prague since 1998) has already traveled the world. It was opened in 1999 in Barcelona- a city that loves art. It was organized here by the Catalonia Center of Contemporary Art- after Dublin's Ira James Joyce exhibit and Lisbon's Fernando Pessoyas the third in a series of exhibitions of famous writers and their cities. The Barcelona exhibition was so successful that the Jewish Museum in New York arranged its presentation there also. Thereafter the exhibition traveled to Prague to be shown in Kafka's native city.

The idea to present the exhibition in Prague had already originated in Barcelona, and an organization that would stress the Czech influence upon Kafka�s life and work, was founded and it tried from the beginning to include all local relevant places and influences to make Kafka's writings more alive. It was also successful in raising enough funds to bring such a project to fruition in the City K.

The exhibition City K. FRANZ KAFKA AND PRAGUE - as opposed to other similar projects- forms a quite metaphoric picture of the writer's life and work. The first part of the collection, called " The Existential Space� describes the most important events in his life and the influences of the local environment. The second part, called "Imaginary Iconography�, demonstrates how, especially in Kafka's work, the physical reality of the city and his life in it blends into a unified metaphoric picture. Photographs of people and places, rare documents and books are revived here using the latest audiovisual techniques. Words, pictures, light and music form here a symphonic whole. A representative catalog ( in Czech, German and English) is available containing many photographs and eight scientific papers by leading Kafka experts.

At the same time, a new book has been published entitled: " FRANZ KAFKA - Fabrications and Mystification�by Josef Cermak. He is also the author of : "Franz Kafka and Prague�(1971) which was published in Germany and the USA; also by the same author "Kafka's Letters to his Parents From the Years 1922-24 ",(1990), translated into ten languages. Cermak translated other Kafka books, and is the author of a libretto for a CD-ROM called "Kafka Lived in Prague. He also created the Czech part of the exhibition in Barcelona and the exposition in Prague ( Located in Hergetova Cihelna- indefinitely).

Olga Szymanská
Translated by Marie Dolansky

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