15 years of Czech Dialogue - Czech Dialog = Eva Střížovská

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Czech Dialog is, without any doubts, Eva Střížovská.

The fortunate idea to start a magazine, a dialogue between Czechs at home and Czechs abroad, struck her in 1990. We, who lived abroad in that time, of course had magazines in Czech (e.g. Polygon, Zpravodaj, Zapad etc.) and there were naturally many magazines published in Czechoslovakia too, but contacts or any kind of a dialogue was, indeed, out of the question.

Due to the political changes after 1989, many Czech periodicals abroad put an end to their existence. The new Czech periodicals were for us easy to get, but they mostly did not pay any adequate attention to Czechs abroad. And this was a chance for Czech Dialogue!

Since a number of years, some of the articles have also been translated into English. One of the reasons was that many Czechs, who are very interested in the country of their ancesters, do not speak and read in Czech. And last but not least, also our foreign partners. My Dutch husband and daughters not only glance at each number, they do read the articles in English and often ask me questions about the articles in Czech.

However after the fall (?!?) of the communist regime, many new periodicals appeared, as I have mentioned above, many of them did not survive. The magazine of Eva Střížovská holds on for 15 years now and let´s hope it will do so for many years to come!

How has Eva Střížovská succeeded ?

She certainly has no rich sponsors or regular income sources from official institutes. But in fact, we all very well know why. She has been making a magazine full of interesting information from politics, history and culture, not only from Czechia, but also from all countries where Czechs live. Dear friends of Czech Dialogue, you too have certainly spent many pleasant moments with this magazine and many of you also with Eva Střížovská herself.

So you too have some (maybe even funny) memories. Please, write us about them!

Michaela Swinkels-Nováková

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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