Painter of Human Depravation

11 2004 Kultura English
obálka čísla

It has now been thirty years since the National Gallery arranged an exposition of the works of Czech Baroque painter, Petr Brandl. It is for that reason that it has decided to show the works of this genre again. The theme of these works is most interesting. The different genres consist of symbolic associations dealing with the theater, (commedia dell’arte), literature and symbolism of Baroque painting (memento mori, vanitas). They point out man’s addiction to things of this world. They do not reflect the personality of the painter only as an artist, but more importantly as a man with many human vices. They are not afraid to catch moments from the life of normal men of this world – Smokers, Quack Offering Different Potions. The allegorical paintings Man with a Pipe and Girl with a Goblet bring out the characteristics of smell and taste moreover enriched with erotic symbols. All of Brandl’s works of this genre are being shown for the first time; some have never been shown or even published, thus they are actually having a premiere. It is interesting to compare the works with the Dutch Masters (part of a permanent exposition in the Monastery of St. George}.

Presentation of the works of the famous Baroque painter, Petr Brandl will for the first time bring us a little closer to the so- far- undiscovered genre of Czech Baroque painting.

The Monastery of St. George – till April 24, 2005

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