Another Double Issue!

7-8 2004 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

The Czech Dialogue brings us the editors, a myriad of troubles, difficulties, work and hard labor. However, it does have one advantage when compared to other magazines. We have plenty of materials, articles; there’s no need to look for anything. Authors and readers write to us, contribute, give us ideas and send pictures.

On the contrary we have a problem choosing into which issue to place and especially to fit all that we feel belongs there. We are sorry that often we are not able to give our authors a definite answer when they ask as to when their article is to appear in print. Today, I would like to thank them for their patience and understanding begging them not to get upset and to continue sending their contributions.

Actually, the preparation of the double issue is quite a joyful event, since what follows is either a longer or shorter holiday, depending on how efficient we become in finishing in the shortest possible time. The difficulty lies in coordinating the articles even though we don’t exactly know (this being July 19} how many advertisements or translations we shall have.

Nevertheless, we do know that the issue will contain:

The "Log", that in journalism means a long and important article. In this case, it is the opinion of the historian Borivoj Celovsky on the works and ideas of another historian. It is not common for us to publish material of that sort, but this time we did make an exception the reason being that Mr. Celovsky after his return from exile wrote a number of books that had become popular among readers. He had been given an award for his work at the SVU Congress in Olomouc. And then since we support dialogue …

All about the Masin brothers, a widely discussed question whether they were heroes or murderers has reached the floor of the Senate, (see pg 6, 7) It will keep you in suspense especially when you consider that the author had been called for interrogation at the police headquarters in Bartolomejska ulice. That happened this year, 15 years after the Velvet Revolution!

About the SVU Congress – a very happy event

About Karel Hasler and his Foundation fond "Pisnickar"

About a little boy who was bored – a summer story, and many other interesting articles.

Often it is a problem to decide what should be published in Czech and what in English, or whether it should be in both. In my opinion,

I feel that there should be a little of each to avoid reader complaints. Nonetheless, for English students or for those who are interested in learning Czech I feel that having a couple of articles in both languages is beneficial.

Besides this editorial, we now bring you, I sincerely hope, a translation treat, "The White Lady of Rozmberk". The author, Jana Volf is an especially talented writer and the fact that her book " Playing Tricks in Czech History" had been completely sold out is clear proof of her exceptional abilities. I am sure you will fully appreciate the translating talents of Czech-Canadian Cuban Victor Gomez, as well..

Wishing you a nice reading experience,

Eva Strizovska
Translated by Paula Schultz

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