Dear Compatriots!

3 2004 Ohlasy a názory česky
obálka čísla

Believe me, that behind that big puddle lies the country Argentina and in it the town, which is called "Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peňa Chaco". It may seem rather far away, however, you would not believe how many Czechs and Slovaks live in that town. It is true that our parents, although many of them are no longer with us, came there with great hopes of a better life, which was passed on to the first, second, and even third generations, there is still continuity to pass on the spirit of beautiful Czech and Slovak music.

We have a Czech-Slovak club, which has regular gatherings and sponsors social events. Annually, we meet for the anniversary of the 28th of October, we eat together and the children dance for us and sing traditional Czech songs. Mrs. Žanda Calabová, who is now in retirement, organized these meetings for several years. Now, Mrs. J. Pištková and her daughter organize those annual meetings.

Not far away is a building, in which the T. J. Sokol Club resides. It used to be a place for training "Slety", though now the Czech-Slovak representative basketball team uses the field for training. We also have a swimming pool, which doesn’t even meet our needs in the summer, since we have unbearable heat (Our town lies in the tropic hemisphere). Then there is a Club Moravia, in which the youngsters play volleyball and the seniors bowl.

Besides the Czechs there are Slovaks. They have their own Church, to which they travel to from far distances from farms. We also have our church and it has an Infant Jesus delivered all the way from Prague.

With compatriotic greetings, saying goodbye to you,

Květa Horáková – Collinsová
Translated by Helen Vavrecka

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